When to Remove a Tree

If trees on your property pose a safety risk, consult our hazardous tree removal experts today in Colorado Springs or Monument, CO

Sometimes trees cannot be saved and need to be removed. Garrett Tree Service can help you navigate the process in the removal of all problematic trees, including, hazardous, unhealthy, dead, or diseased.

We value our urban forests and do our best to keep our cities’ trees healthy. Unfortunately, some trees need to be removed and have their own specific challenges. Trees that are towering over your house, as big around as your car or hanging over a busy road may take special care to remove safely. If you see a tree that could cause potential damage, contact us today.

Signs a Tree Needs to be Removed

A tree will let you know when it's time to go. Some signs that will let you know that your tree needs to be removed are:

  • The tree is dead or diseased
  • The tree is causing structural damage
  • The roots of the tree are growing into a sewer line
  • Parts of the tree are threatening a power line

We can help you decide and guide you to a solution. Call us today to schedule tree removal services.

Are you dealing with a pine beetle infestation?

Pine beetles can destroy whole groups of trees. While it’s sometimes possible to save an affected tree, the damage is often irreversible. When treatment fails, turn to Garrett Tree Service in Colorado Springs, CO. We offer prompt pine beetle tree removals to restore your property.

It might be time for a tree removal service if you see…

  • Pitch (sap) lines on the bark: Your trees will release pitch to defend against the invading beetles. Multiple lines of pitch indicate an infestation.
  • Frass buildup around the tree: As the beetles dig into your tree, they’ll displace tiny fragments of bark which often accumulate at the base.
  • Significant woodpecker damage: Woodpeckers may appear to do more outward damage than the beetles as they hunt them.

Don’t wait to call our team when you suspect pine beetles. A tree removal service may be the only solution.