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Garrett Tree Service



We specialize in tree trimming, tree removal, and fire mitigation for the greater Colorado Springs area. 

Our goal is to help you improve and sustain the health of your trees while ensuring the safety of your home and property.

We guarantee prompt and professional service as well as fair pricing for homeowners and property managers. 

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Tree Services


We do it all! Whether you need help revitalizing trees after major storms or preventative trimming to ensure your home or properties stay safe, we’re here to help.

Branch Removal: By removing damaged and dead branches we can create better safety around structures, prevent disease, and enhance tree growth.

Preventative Cutting: Avoid potential damage to your home, fence, and other property areas by ensuring tree branches maintain a proper distance from hazards.

Tree Shaping: Did you know trees increase your property’s value and visual appeal? Enjoy the full-range of their beauty with our tree shaping services. Talk to our tree care experts to create a customized shaping schedule. Our goal is to support tree health while shaping it to your preferences and avoiding potential hazards for your tree and property. 

Talk to our tree care experts to create a customized shaping schedule. Our goal is to balance the health of the tree, what our customers want and reducing hazards. 


Sometimes, trees cannot be saved and need to be removed. We assist you in the tree removal process, taking into account hazardous, unhealthy, dead, or diseased trees. 


We know Colorado is known for its dry, wildfire-sparking summers. Proper mitigation can be the difference between losing your home or getting by unscathed. We remove dead branches that could potentially fuel fires as well as trees and shrubs that have grown too close to property residences and other structures. 



Firewood can be used for heating while also creating a cozy atmosphere. We offer a wide variety of wood for you to choose from, including pine, a range of hardwoods, and fruit trees. We recommend ordering wood in the summer or early fall to guarantee supplies. 

We’re proud to support reforestation and have worked with multiple programs to plant trees in Colorado

We’ve planted over 1000 trees with One Tree Planted and have worked with other programs to promote reforestation.

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