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Garrett Tree Service

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Licensed, Insured & Experienced Tree Professionals

We guarantee prompt, professional service and fair pricing for homeowners
and property managers in the greater Colorado Springs area. 

From getting trees back in shape after a major storm to preventative cutting to ensure your home or properties stay safe — we do it all.

Branch Removal: We remove damaged and dead branches to prevent disease and enhance growth. This is especially important for your tree’s health after a major storm. 

Preventative Cutting: Avoid potential damage to your home, fence, and other property by ensuring tree branches maintain a proper distance. 

Tree Shaping: Trees add much value and beauty to your property. Enjoy the full-range of their beauty with our tree shaping services. 

Talk to our tree care experts to create a customized shaping schedule. 

Tree Removal

Sometimes trees cannot be saved and need to be removed. We can help you navigate the process in the removal of all problematic trees including, hazardous, unhealthy, dead, or diseased. 

Fire Mitigation

We don’t have to tell you how Colorado is known for its dry, wildfire-sparking summers. Proper mitigation can be the difference between losing your home or getting by unscathed.

We remove dead branches that could fuel fires as well as trees and shrubs that have grown too close to residences and other structures. 

Firewood Delivery

Stay warm all winter long with quality firewood, delivered right to your doorstep!

Our firewood is hand selected to ensure your fire is longer-lasting.

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