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5 Warning Signs of Dangerous Arborists

5 Warning Signs of Dangerous Arborists

Your trees are an important part of your property as they add a lot of value. 

It’s important to screen tree care professionals because improper tree care can end up damaging or killing your trees. 

Here are 5 warning signs that indicate you should look elsewhere for your tree care: 

1. Topping

Topping  — removing the tops of trees or large branches and/or trunks from the tops of trees  — leads to problems later in the life of the tree and is prohibited by industry standards.

Topping is never a tree care solution. Don’t let your trees be topped!

2. Climbing Spikes

If an arborist uses climbing spikes when performing maintenance procedures or inspections, it’s damaging your trees. 

Climbing spikes create wounds that can lead to insect and disease infestations.

3. Tree Removals Without Explanations

Tree removal is a last resort and should only be considered when high-risk conditions cannot be effectively mitigated.

Arborists should provide detailed and understandable explanations whenever recommending tree removals. 

4. No Insurance 

If you hire an uninsured arborist, you can be held liable for any damages or injuries that occur while they are on the job.

Make sure your tree care professionals are insured and licensed. 

5. Unclear Quotes

A tree care professional should give you an exact quote before beginning a job. Beware of arborists that refuse to provide you with a quote or provide a wide-ranging quote. 

BONUS: Lack of Reviews & Referrals

If the company you are considering working with can’t readily provide you with customer reviews and referrals, it’s a clear sign to look elsewhere for a reputable company! Check out our reviews below!

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